Research Questions:

1) What makes R&B its own category?
2) How did R&B originate?
3) Did R&B also break off from blues?
4) How can R&B be directly or indirectly related to blues?
5) What rhythm from R&B makes it so different from other styles of music?
6) How did R&B become where it is today?
7) Who was responsible for the creation of R&B?
8) What types of feeling come with an R&B song? (i.e. sadness, pain, etc.)
9) Is R&B still influential to people today?
10) What instruments are heavily behind R&B?


We wanted to know what exactly separates Rhythm and Blues and Blues itself. And also if Rhythm and Blues originated from Blues' styles and methods.

Research Plan:

We will listen at various samples of R&B music and compare them to notice or feel any differences. We'll also look on different websites that focus on R&B music and take notes on the history, or anything that influenced the creation of R&B.


R&B has a big part in history and also has many versions on how it got started, just like stories from the African-American culture. What we found out was that it started out around a back when slavery was around when Blues was just starting to happen. After having a solid foundation for a type of music, African-American went beyond blues and made Jazz. Both of these genres influenced the making of R&B. Shortly after the Great depression, night clubs were the best spots for getting together on a Saturday nights. The music of both Jazz and Blues made these clubs more popular. And to make the music more popular, musicians created this fusion of both Jazz and Blues was created to make the music more dance-able. It is known as R&B and continues to influence many forms of music.


Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) By: Alicia Keys


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