Research Questions:

1) What is the difference between Gospel and Christian music? What is the difference between spiritual?
2) Do all Gospel songs have to have a choir or call and response?
3) Does all Gospel have to sing about the same thing?
4) Who or what influenced gospel music?
5) How did gospel music influence the country/people?
6) How did Gospel music change over time?
7) When was Gospel/Spiritual most popular and why?
8) How would you represent such genre and what will be done to represent them?
9) What other genres do Gospel/ Spiritual relate to?

10) How does the Blues relate to Gospel/Spiritual music?


We believe that Gospel music will change but still have some of its original styles. It will also have some call and response and acapella.

Research Plan:

Research process: Information about our topic will be gathered through a variety of methods. For example...
1) By Listening to Gospel music that is famous
2) Asking opinion on what gospel music is
3) Researching the difference of Gospel and spiritual, starting with Tempo, Singing, and Instruments.


The genre gospel/ spiritual was most popular around the 1800's because that's when some slaves wanted to escape from slavery. Therefore, they made songs about escaping from their slave owners and starting a new life. Also, Gospel and Spiritual are most likely represented by choirs, or just people singing them. While singing a spiritual/gospel song there tends to have a call and response, this could be a reaction to the words. Also the newer forms of gospel/spiritual songs will have the many different octaves and pitches. It's a result from the interaction of music and religion from African and European origin. Spiritual relates to some other genres such as Jazz, the Blues, and other. It may strongly connect with the Blues because the Blues is a genre that represents either sadness or depression and that's how the slaves felt around the 1800's. Sad and depressed because they didn't have freedom, slaves were often abusive, beaten, and taken advantage of. Sad and depressed because they weren't even considered as a whole person, slaves made the music that still lives on.


Imagine Me - Kirk Franklin
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Amazing Grace - Aretha Franklin
Lyrics - http://www.constitution.org/col/amazing_grace.htm

His eyes on the sparrow - Lauryn Hill
Lyrics - http://www.lyricsystem.com/jessica-simpson/irresistible/his-eye-is-on-the-sparrow.html


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