Research Questions:

Q1: When and by who was country invented?

Q2: What other musical genres influence country and what musical genres has country influenced?

Q3: What affects does country music have on people?

Q4: How has country music changed over time?

Q5: Does country include any sub genres?

Q6: What is the country of origin?

Q7: What instruments are mostly used in country?

Q8: Who influences country today?


Country Music was inspired by the music of Africans.

Research Plan:Our group included Martha, Alysha, Callie, and Joseph. Our plan since the beginning was to do the work equally. We all agreed to help with the research, design and completion of this wiki page. While doing this project we all had responsibilities and relied on each other to get all of our answers and to get everything out of our research. We also all relied to get the best out of each other.


A1: Country music emerged in the early decades of the 1900's.

A2: Country Music was influenced by Traditional Folk, Celtic, Gospel and Old Time Music.

A3: After going around to people at SLA we came up with very different opinions and points of view on the specific genre. Among all the people we asked people think that its very relaxing and they can really relate to what the songs say and the message they are trying to get across to their audiences. Some also though of it as boring and annoying, this was mostly seen among people who dont really listen to it that often. For some people it made them wanna move around and dance. As you can see the view points were very different and varied among all the people we asked.

A4: Over time its named changed, it use to be known as Hillbilly Music but changed to Country Music because the term Hillbilly seemed degrading to people.

A5: The genre of country includes Sub genres such as Bakersfield Sound, Bluegrass, Close Harmony, Honky Tonk, Jug Band, Lubbock Sound, Nashville Sound, Neotraditional Country, Outlaw Country, Red Dirt, Texas Country. Country also includes Fusion Genres these include Alternative country,Country blues,Country rock, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Gothabilly ,Cowpunk, Country-rap, Country pop, Country soul,Southern soul, and Western swing

A6: It originated in the southern USA and the Appalachian Mountains

A7: The typical instruments used in country are the Guitar, Fiddle, Steel-guitar, Piano, Dobro, Harmonica, Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals, & Double Bass.

A8: Country now a days is being influenced by different people of all ages. These include Reba McIntire,Blake Shelton,Tim Mcgraw. They also include Carrie Underwood,Taylor Swift representing for the younger side of this genre


Take Me Away From Here- Tim Mcgraw

Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood

Love Story- Taylor Swift

Invisible - Reba


One of the most evident things that country has inspired is fashion. From Daisy Dukes, to cowboy hats and bandanas, country inspired fashions have been hitting the runway. Designers like ChloƩ and D&G have taken great inspiration from the frilly frocks and chunky boots.



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