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1) What types of instruments have been used in rock and roll?
The types of instruments used in rock and roll are drums, guitar, base guitar, and vocals.
2) How did the name "rock and roll" originate?
We don't really know for sure where the term rock and roll came from. Some people say that the term came from sailors to discribe the motion of the ship. Than we took it and used it to discribe the type of music that we know now as rock and roll.
3) Does rock and roll have a steady beat or tempo that unites it as a genre?
Rock and roll can have a steady beat for a song but the whole genre of rock and roll dose not have a steady beat or tempo.

Rock and roll represents a style of music that relied on the integration of African-based polyrhythms, call & response, and blues structures along with European instruments.

Researsh steps:images.jpg
1) Identify sampling of songs that demonstrate rock's evolution.
2) Explain how each song uses instruments.
In the first song song starts out with a steady guitar and drums than goes into vocals. the second song starts with a fast high pitch guitar and drums. the third song starts wit a fast drum and high pitch guitar.
3) Explain how each song is influences by the foundation in African music structure (polyrhythms, syncopation, blues, etc).
each song ties into the African roots of music because most of the instruments rock and roll use formed in Africa like the drums and guitar.
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