Rock and Roll


1) What is rock and roll?
2) When did rock and roll begin and who was the first rock and roll artist? Who is the king of rock ‘n’ roll?
3) What are rock and roll genres?
4) What influence rock and roll?
5) What did rock and roll influence?
6) What type of instruments is use in rock and roll?
7) What effects does rock and roll have on people?
8) How did rock and roll change over the years?
9) Are there different types of rock and roll? And if so what are they?
10) What’s the difference between rock and rock ’n’ roll

11) How is syncopation, call and response and blues related to rock 'n' roll and African American music?



1) Rock ‘n’ roll is a popular “dance music” originate in 1950s. It haves heavy beat and simple melodies. Rock ‘n’ roll was a mixture of blues, country music, and gospel music. Although country record were heard in 1930s, and blues record from 1920s, and rock ‘n’ roll was heard till 1950s. Rock ‘n’ roll was know as rockabilly in the early decades; which is combine from both country and jazz. Both influenced from traditional Appalachian folk music and gospel.

2) Rock ‘n’ roll began in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Elvis is the king of rock ‘n’ roll. However, the Beatles were the first rock ‘n’ roll band. Rock ‘n’ roll was announced in ww2 multicultural music movement.

Rock ‘n’ roll sub genres are__Alternative rock__ - __Art rock__ - __Beat music__ - __Britpop__ - __Christian rock__ - __Desert rock__ - __Detroit rock__ - __Experimental rock__ - __Garage rock__ - __Glam rock__ -__Group Sounds__ - __Grunge__ - __Hard rock__ - __Heartland rock__ - __Heavy metal__ - __Instrumental rock__ - __Indie rock__ - __Jangle pop__ - __Krautrock__ - __Manchester__ - __Post-Britpop__ - __Power pop__ - __Progressive rock__ - __Protopunk__ - __Psychedelia__ - __Punk rock__ - __Rock noir__ - __Soft rock__ - __Southern rock__ - __Surf__ - __Symphonic rock__, and fusion genres are__Aboriginal rock__ -__Afro-rock__ - __Anatolian rock__ - __Bhangra rock__ - __Blues-rock__ - __Country rock__ - __Flamenco-rock__ - __Folk rock__ - __Glam Punk__ - __Indo-rock__ - __Industrial rock__ - __Punk rock__ - __Jazz fusion__ - __Punta rock__ - __Raga rock__ - __Raï rock__ - __Rap rock__ - __Rockabilly__ - __Rockoson__ -__Samba-rock__ - __Space rock__ - __Stoner rock__ - __Sufi rock__. However, almost every day they create a new type of rock ‘n’ roll for people.

4) Blues, country, and gospel music were the main Influence for rock ‘n’ roll. In country element of rock and roll you can hear it in 1930s, blues record from 1920s. As for earlier times rock ‘n’ roll was called rockabilly. Which it combine both country and jazz that influenced tradition Appalachian folk music and gospel. Jess belvin was one of the greatest songwriters and he also influenced some of rock ‘n’ roll to people point of view.

5) Rock ‘n’ rolls influence lifestyles, fashion, studies, and language. They also influence people inner self and points of views. Most teenagers appreciate rock ‘n’ roll music more than adults. However, many of those adults never realized of rock ‘n’ roll as Elvis with his non-screaming music. Rock ‘n’ roll music travel all over the world and help show people that rock ‘n’ roll is for everyone and helps people see the world but in songs and beats.

6) Rock ‘n’ roll uses instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, and so on. However, in the early rock ‘n’ roll they used piano and saxophones were the main instruments they used because they never had teconolgy. However, in the late 1950s saxpohes and pianos were replacing into guitars. Rock ‘n’ roll structure has a twelve bar.

7) Rock ‘n’ rolls effect people in many ways. Examples how rock ‘n’ rolls effect people are how people talk, act, dress, and so on. Rock ‘n’ roll to people is showing their inner self and how they look at things.

8) Rock ‘n’ rolls change over the years in many ways. It changes from soft rock ‘n’ roll, to screaming, to a beat everyone likes. Rock ‘n’ rolls population also change now the music is traveling across the world rapidly and influencing more kids than adults.

9) Yes there are different types of rock ‘n’ roll. Such as, soft rock, to christan rock, to hard rock, to screaming rock. Rock ‘n’ roll is music to fit everyone personality one thing is a lot of people only look at screaming rock ‘n’ roll instead of sitting down and really look at the different types there are. Rock ‘n’ roll came from everywhere from Austria to Chile to France to Iceland to Japan to everywhere you could think of all around the world so everyone can come together and make rock ‘n’ roll history.

10) The difference between rock and rock ‘n’ roll is that rock is more of a hard core, guitar solos, screaming type of music. However, rock ‘n’ roll is smoother, relax, such as, rhythm and blues.

11) Rock 'n' roll is related to syncopation in many musical styles such as, progressive rock. As for call and response for rock ‘n’ roll popular music is phenomenon. A modern western music that sweeps the world, because of its heavily shape in African contributions. It’s related to rock ‘n’ roll and rock. Rock ‘n’ roll is related to blues, in many ways such as the structures. Blues is found in any music in the world. With syncopation, call and response, and blues relating to rock ‘n’ roll it comes together and its structures form an African background.


In the old days rock 'n' roll was like this :0

rock to some music to the oldest to modern and to our time!!!:D

Here are some pics of musicans rockin:
070108_police_hmed_10a.widec.jpg police

acdc2-1.jpg AC/DC

Big_Joe_Turner.jpg big joe turner

carlos_santana.jpg carlos santana

cheap-trick-band.jpg Cheap trick

Elvis-Presley.jpg elvis presley

freedwabc-790811.jpg Alan Freed (HE was the first that use the term rock 'n' roll)

kiss2.jpg Kiss_band.jpg kiss (with & without makeup)

jimi_hendrix.jpg jimi hendrix

Loverboy_9537_15.jpglover boy

TheDoors.jpg the doors

led_zeppelin_1.jpg Led zeppelin

The_Who1969.jpg The who

Slipknot_Band_Masks.jpg Slipknot

theanimals1964.jpg The animals

The-Beatles-music-254708_728_399.jpgThe beatles

keith_moon.jpg Keith moon

853894782_l_copy.jpg Superchick

slash-gal-guitar.jpg slash

JBelvin-754003.jpg J.Belvin

rolling_stones-7-28-08.jpgrolling stones

aerosmith_promophoto.jpg aerosmith

metallica_signed_photo2.jpg Metallica

138328_rock-n-roll.jpg Rock 'n' roll legendsrock-n-roll-legends.jpg that still rock our world :D

rock_hand.png rock_on_by_kajali.jpg rock hands

image005.jpg Dance, Dance, Dance!!! Till you can't dance no more :D

swing.jpg Don't drop her! :0

slash.jpg Slash outfit and guitar at hard rock hotel

DSCN0887.JPG Paul stanley from kiss outfit and guitar at hard rock hotel

DSCN0889.JPG Elvis presley outfit and guitar at hard rock hotel

DSCN0892.JPG (Left to right) slipknot, lover boy, Cliff williams from AC/DC. outfits and guitar at hard rock hotel

DSCN0893.JPG Steven Tyler Aerosmith outfit and guitar at hard rock hotel