Name: Elizabeth Van Lew as my
war names it was Albert Carrion.

Birthday: May 30,1890

Hometown: Missouri

Gender: Female

Religion: Christian

Like: reading, writing, music, fighting,
sports, designing, & animals

Dislikes: Laws against women, treated
differently because of your gender, &
not able to be heard.

Family: 2 girls Lottie & Fema Lew & a
husband name Miguel Lew


What is slavery and why does it exist?

Slavery is African Americans that are treated badly and force into harsh labor. Some people were in debt and had to paid it off so they thought with a little bit of work they will finish; however, the more they stay the more they got force to be a slave because the owners needed to pay for food and other things they need so this was one way they became in the slavery. Others were just kidnapped, force, or just because of family background.
It exist because people that are a different color from African Americans thinks that because they are darker they can be force to do anything they desire and that they don’t have to do anything but order people around. Other reasons why is because they needed to give back money they borrow, or their family.
Slavery was one have the famous and harshly movements throughout the world. This traveled everywhere, and affects everyone. Slavery was mainly toward darker skinned people.
A reason why slavery exists was because the owners didn’t like their color, they needed someone to command, or just to rule over people and make money. In my point of view, I think that this was harsh after I saw the struggles they had and that it wasn’t right we are all humans and that we should be treated equal.

What were the ideals for which the Revolutionary War was fought?
The main reason why they fought in the Revolutionary was because other country got jealous. In this war, there were just fights over fights, there wasn’t no settle till the other team was finish. Between both countries there were arguments about what should have been done, if there should be certain rights, but that never caught the opposite side to stand up. I was mad when they try to change our rules, who thought they can just push us around like that, I will never let this happen I’m not going to stand there, I’m fighting and if I have to do it alone well then I will.

Reflect on the Civil War; where is the country headed in 1865?
In 1865 the civil war is heading the country to miserable. Citizens dyeing, not knowing what will happen next to us. The civil war was like a death zone. We thought we would find peace, but we never did it got worst each day. No one by our side anymore, it was over, for not only us but for both countries. I felt like this was a nightmare, I will never thought this would ever come true, but it did.


February 8, 1843- Today, daddy died, I can’t believe it, I wish i can hold him in my arms again. His voice was like a angel, his skin was richer than the money he had, i miss him so much. I was a daddy little girl, although mom was cool, daddy was the best. We talk with each other all day, he still read to me but then as he got sicker i read to him. But why when we fought over the fact i was pregnant, was the last day i will see him again. Her name was Lottie Lew, she looked just like him, i wish that she could have saw him.

April 13, 1844- Me and my mom went and sold all the family slave; I still miss daddy every time I go anywhere its him all over the place, I still feel his present here, i just hope i can just hug him once last time.

July 1, 1846- Still sad of daddy death, now they are debating on who is going to take his role as a slave owner, and who the new top dangerous guy. But what will happy to our wealth, our family, what will happen to me. As far as I heard that the country thinks it will be fair if there is no slavery and if so there is going to be a war. War, who will ever speak of this, this wicked nonsense. They think because daddy died they think they can do what ever, I will not stand for this, not now or ever. If there is going to be a war, they need to get through me.

December 23, 1846- I’m home with both my kids growing up so fast, but i can bare to look at them. They look like daddy so much, I don’t know what to say to them, I didn’t talk to them for about 3 months. My husband is in the war, nobody to take care of my kids, but I want to serve in the army, I didn’t care if I was a girl, I will fight till I loose, and i’m not going to let nothing stop me. Today this evening 5 army guys came up to me if I was one of the women that sew, i quickly say yes, a chance to me in the army. I observe my sketches over the day the structure of males. So I can prove them wrong.

January 3, 1847-Slave power crushes freedom of speech and of opinion. Slave power degrades labor. Slave power is arrogant, is jealous and intrusive, is cruel, is despotic, not only over the slave but over the community, the state. Why did I ever thought humans can be treated like animals not from who they are and what they did but the fact is the color, I never thought about it till now. How could I grow up with such people like this how can daddy, do this, why didn’t mommy stand up she hate disrespect. Ever since daddy died, I’m learning things about my family that I never knew.

January 1850-1860- This was one of the memoril things that i know, The Unites states

April 13, 1861-There this thing called the Civil War. Who dares to start a war for something they don’t like.

August 15, 1865-
From the time I knew right from wrong it was my sad privilege to differ in many things from the ... opinions and principles of my locality." I described myself as "uncompromising, ready to resent what seemed wrong, quick and passionate but not bad tempered or vicious. ... This has made my life sad and earnest.


1120.jpg Me in my old days

_wsb_368x251_civil_war_soldiers.jpg No pain No game!

automobile-mechanics.jpg who say a woman can't do what a man can do?

civil-war-115.jpg Ready for the war!

civwar_young_soldier.jpg My husband Stephan

dan-truett-mcwhorter.jpg Daddy
editUnknow_soldiers_WW1.jpgMe undercover with my husband

elizabethvanlew.jpg Me on daddy's furnel

Inaugural-Parade.jpg Daddy's furneal

russia_civil_war.jpg First day in war, and this is how it started

dead-civil-war-soldier_small2.jpg my husband's last breath

sarah1.jpg Me disguise as a man

thunderbird_civil_war.jpg The survirors that are not hurt one bit!

twogirls_f126_33_3_lg.jpg My two wonderful daughters Lottie & Fema

udc2.jpg My daughter Lottie

cdvPerryPrettyGirl01.jpg My daughter Fema

Photo_251.jpg Me disguise as a man