Notes one
What is slavery and why does it exist?
I was walking down town today and I saw another shipment of slaves coming to a plantation. It made me smile. Slavery is so important to this society. I know it may seem wrong to those northern but inn my opinion when that first slave ship landed in Jamestown in 1619 they had the right idea. Let them do the work it makes my life easier.
What is slavery?
Slavery is a form of forced labor in which people are considered to be the property of another person. Slaves can be forced to work their will from the time their captured, purchased or from birth and not give the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to get paid.
Why did it happen?
Slavery existed because it helps to make life easier from the owners of the slaves. If a slave did all the farming the owner wouldn’t have to, thus making their life easier.
Slavery in the 13 colonies
The 13 colonies, those were the days. Back then there was no fighting about slavery. Everyone knew slavery was the right chose. Back then even Lincoln owned slaves. The thing about slavery is the most people think it was just here, in the south, their wrong. Slavery began in the north; the difference is slavery wasn’t as big.
Antebellum slavery
Well it’s 1830 and most of the slavery is here, in the south. African Americans are property. They have to remember that. I as president plan on enforcing that law to the fullest.
Most of them northern folks think we use these slaves for farming. That’s a lie! Most slave owners don’t have a farm. A lot of white men don’t even have slaves and those that do only have a few.

Notes Two
What were the ideals for which the Revolutionary War was fought?
Its 1775, British soldiers and American patriots are fighting at Lexington, Massachusetts and nearby Concord. I believe this war may change our America.
For about a decade, tensions have been mounting between Great Britain and the American Colonies.
The British government has passed a series of laws in an attempt to gain control over the colonies. But we had become used to having control over our government.
The American people are strongly independent. They want to do things for themselves. Great Britain was a long way
away. The American people didn't want people an ocean away telling them how to live their lives.
They wanted to make us pay for the French and Indian war!
They won't let us vote on leaders and we have no say in government.
We are refusing to abed by the new laws and protesting being taxed without our consent.
Britain's Parliament recently declared Massachusetts, the center of most of the protests, to be in a rebellion. British solders were placed in Boston to take action against the rebels.
Well, great job, war just broke out.
The Colonies are unprepared for this war. They are lacking a central government and have no militia.
Great Britain with its larger and better-trained army and navy will have a huge land and sea effort to win the revolution. America may be in trouble.

Notes Three
Write about three instances of resistance to slavery that you have read/heard about.
Everyday resistance
Resistance to slavery took numerous forms.
Slaves would pretend to be ill, refuse to work, do their jobs poorly, destroy farm equipment, set fire to buildings, and steal food.
These weren’t plans for revolt though, they were people trying to show there resistance.
On some plantations, slaves could bring complaints about cruel treatment from an overseer to their master and hope that he would plead on their behalf.
Although many slaves tried to run away, few succeeded for more than a couple days, and they were frequently returned on their owner.
Such escapes were more a protest than a want for freedom.
As advertised in southern newspapers looking for the return of runaway slaves made clear, the goal of most runaways was to find their families who had been sold to another masters.
An abolitionist was a person who wanted to do away with slavery. In the 1830's abolitionists began to talk against slavery in public.
In the year 1831 a Boston, Massachusetts’s newspaper called The Liberator was printed.
The editor was an abolitionist named William Lloyd Garrison.
Garrison used the newspaper to tell the people and Congress that slavery must be abolished.
Many people agreed with Garrison.
In 1833 Garrison and others founded the National Antislavery Society, which published books and papers about slavery.
Sojourner Truth was a slave who was freed in 1827.
She began talking about slavery.
She was a persuasive speaker.
Many people listened to her causes.
President Abraham Lincoln chose her to be a counselor to the freedmen in Washington.
Another group that helped slaves was the Underground Railroad.
This was a series of homes and farms where escaped slaves could go for help.
The series of safe houses went to Canada were the slaves could be free.
Many free ex-slaves took part in the Underground Railroad.
Harriet Tubman led more than 300 slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad.
Haitian revolt
The Haitian Revolution (1789-1803) changed French Saint Domingue, one of the most fruitful European colonies of its day, into a free state run by former slaves and the offspring of slaves.
It was the world's first examples of slave freeing in a major slave owning society.
It happened when the Atlantic slave trade was at its climax, and when slavery was an established society from Canada to Chile.

Notes Four
Write about one or two African Americans that you have head speak or whose speeches you have read in the newspapers.
"Ain't I a Woman" (Speech by Sojourner Truth)
I finally had the chance to hear Sojourner Truth’s speak “Ain’t I a woman.” My was it inspiring.
She really had a lot to say about how she is treated as less then a woman. It made me thin k about how I’m treating my slaves, but then again Truth needs to realize that this is the south and in my south that is how black woman are treated and that’s how it stays.
David Walker's Appeal
September of 1829 –
I have just read David Walker’s Appeal and I am furious! He is calling for all slaves to revolt against their masters. Can you believe that? I can fathom that!
He wrote ". . .they want us for their slaves, and think nothing of murdering us. . . therefore, if there is an attempt made by us, kill or be killed. . . and believe this, that it is no more harm for you to kill a man who is trying to kill you, than it is for you to take a drink of water when thirsty."
Are you serious? How does drinking water compare to killing a man? Yes I do agree that SOME masters will kill aimlessly but some slaves are more trouble then they are worth. Why should they save them?
Walker’s appeal was completely out of line.
I believe he should be arrested for this.

Notes Five

Reflect on the Civil War; where is the country headed in 1865?
Slavery has ended in the U.S. We, the Confederate armies surrendered.
All slaves in the Confederacy are now free by the Emancipation Proclamation.
Thousands of soldiers gave their lives in this war.
I wish we had won.
It's still under debate, but the union have gotten their way.
If only England would have joined on my side maybe I wouldn't be here wondering what I should do.
This war was the worst I have ever seen.
In order to fully have America back we will need to completely eliminate slavery.
I can't eliminate slavery.
I need my slavery.
The Policies of my or the rather the south must be reformulated.
America will not grow with out it.
What do I do now without my south?

My south! I want my south back!
My predictions for the future?
That Lincoln will take over everything and ruin everything I worked hard to gain.
Maybe it will be for the best, however.
Maybe it will help America grow.
Or not.
We’ll see.
I thought that the war would continue forever.
It took such a toll on this country, on my country.
I thought it could last an entirety.
I guess I was incorrect.
I don't know what I'll do with my life.
Maybe I'll get a farm in the country with my wife.
I think America will grow into a wonderful country.
America will grow industrially and economically.
I hope the right side one.