Research Question:
1. Did "Alternative" derive from other influences of music?
2. Does "Alternative" influence other types of musics? If so, what others are there besides "Alternative Rock & Hip Hop".
3. Is "Alternative" something new? Or has it been around for a while?
4. When did it begin?

Research Plan:
For the Ethnomusicology Project, I'm researching "Alternative" songs. "Alternative" in my opinion are songs that range from a mix of soft music to mixes of rock and other genres. I want to find out when and how "Alternative" became what it is now. I will go into a timeline from earliest to present and try to search for bands that are currently active.

Researched Infos:
Alternative began in the early 1970s. However, barely any albums or songs were produced until 1980s, and that's when it emerged because it became more popular . You might want to ask "What does Alternative got anything to do with African Influences?" Well alternatives come in a large variety, there are may sub-genres to it, such as alternative hip-hop, metal, rap and more. So some songs are affected or have african influences in them, but besides having the influence it also influenced South Africa in the early 80's. Bands in South Africa grew and soon the bands somehow cross the language barrier, influencing native "Afrikaans" to their own type of alternative rocks. Alternative is actually called "Alternative Rock" but it's equivalent to "alternative music", other names could be "Indie" or "Independent Rock" . Although it's a very widely known genre of music, it is somehow categorized as a sub-genre of rock. But there is also a sub-genre of alternative rock, such as grunge or like Post- Britpop.

Music Sample:

Song: "Imagine" (1971)
Band: Beatles/ John Lennon
Genre: Britpop - Sub-genre of Alternative Rock



Song: "Chasing Cars" (June 6, 2006)
Band: Snow Patrol

Genre: Alternative Rock

"Dare You To Move" (2004)
Band: Switchfoot
Genre: Alternative Rock/ Christian Alternative

This song has a bit of "polyrhythm" in it.